Well, we had ourselves a merry little Christmas! Christmas vacation started off on a great note when I was able to finish an overwhelming report at work before 5pm on Friday; Such a relief to be able to not worry about it during vacation. Friday night we went to a late showing of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Such a classic! I’m pretty sure that now that I can understand all the English words I find it funnier than I did as a child!

Saturday we finished our shopping and wrapping, and at night we had our friends S&P over for a fondue night. Sunday evening we headed over to Plan B for a Nirvana tribute. On Monday we drove to Bathurst for my family’s annual fondue and board games night. I’m so glad that I got the chance to start that tradition when I was hosting Christmas at my ex-house. This year we played apples to apples and we laughed a lot! My mom and I drank copious amounts of wine. On Christmas Day, as soon as we woke up we drove to my parent’s house to open gifts and have turkey lunch. We were staying at my brother’s, where Chanel is now living until we have a new house. I got some quality snuggles.

I was so spoiled this year! I LOVE my gifts! When we got home on Christmas Day we went to see “This is 40”.  On boxing day, we visited with J’s family, we relaxed and played Scattergories. December 27 was J’s birthday! I had gotten him tickets for An Acoustic Sin that night, but we were both glad that it was postponed because of a snowstorm. We were cozily snowed in with homemade birthday cake, compliments of J’s mama. December 28 we did go to the Acoustic Sin show, and it was so good. We had a great spot, so close to them that at first we weren’t sure if we would be able to stay there because it was sooo loud! But the sound was great, we’re just getting old. December 29, we went to see “Django, Unchained”; Wow, it was so packed. We had to sit in the very first row, we laughed it off and enjoyed the movie anyway. At least we had plenty of leg room. Today – December 30, we are happily snowed in, with no plans to leave the apartment at all today. Reflecting on my super fun Christmas vacation so far, and being so thankful.

Tomorrow – New Year’s Eve!!! You know me, you know that I LOVE NYE. I love celebrating the previous year’s success and the upcoming year’s goals. I really feel like starting a new calendar means so many opportunities to fill it out with great things! Starting a new year with all the growth and knowledge gained in 2012 behind my belt. 2012 was so good to me. If the trend continues, 2013 is going to be amazing. Onwards and upwards. Up, up, up, just like these balloons up there I love so much!ImageImageImage

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