It’s going to be a busy week! Tomorrow chorale starts again, I have to go early because on top of being on the Board of Management, I’m the Soprano Librarian and have to go give out music packages to people registering for the semester. I probably won’t have time to go home and eat before going. I’m going to arrive home around 9:30-9:45pm, so I really should be packing right now. At least I’ve picked out my outfits for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


I love my nice little vanity that my parents got me for Christmas!

Years ago, a strong, beautiful woman named Justine wrote on her blog about her younger career days, when she was pulling her rolling suitcase through airports, walking in her high heels, and feeling like a successful, beautiful career woman. I remember reading her reminiscing and thinking: I want that. I wanted a job that would pay for me to travel a few times a year. I wanted to feel beautiful and successful and to strut my stuff in airports.

Typically I get to travel 4 times a year for work. Once per quarter, rotating between the four Atlantic Provinces. In December, I get to go to St. John’s, Newfoundland. The Management Committee decided to postpone the December meeting until next week, so here I am. This will be my third year flying to NL with my manager and director. Time flies!

I’m definitely not wearing heels, as running through the airport to catch our connection in Halifax (We fly Moncton-Halifax-St.John’s) isn’t a rare occurrence. But this year, I’m feeling like a successful, beautiful career woman.

In other news: Do you ever dreamily stare at the clouds and see random outlines shaping up in the sky? I was dreamily staring at a pile of snow yesterday and saw a grumpy old lady with a big nose holding a sleeping snow baby. Do you see it?


2 thoughts on “This Week: On the Rock!

  1. One of these days I’ll get the hang of the comments here. LOL

    This post makes me so happy for you, Nancy!

    I do the same thing with shapes…most often it’s the abstract tile in our house…I’ve spotted all sorts of things in them! I do see the figures you describe in the snow. 😉

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