I used to LOVE going away for meetings. I used to travel more often when I worked for the provincial government, but I was only travelling within NB. At my current job, I mostly only travel once per quarter, but I get to visit all four Atlantic provinces per year. Part of me still loves it. I love waiting in airports and taking taxis with my manager and director and getting to spend some quality time hearing quality gossip or information that I wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to do in the office, in our busy daily routines.

I’m loving the comfy fluffiness of the bed. I love being able to order room service and someone just shows up with my food, and I don’t have to clean after. Does anyone else roll their room service cart further away from their door in the hall after they’re done, because you don’t want people seeing what you ate? Illogical I know. Poor room 733 tonight has my cart next to their door, and people will think that they ordered fish n’ chips AND wings because they couldn’t decide, but were only able to eat a quarter of it. So much waste! But it’s not like I can save it for later. I love having absolute control of the TV remote and not having to consider anyone else when flipping through girly TV shows… except that every time I see something I’d watch in the guide and select the channel, I get ‘Channel unavailable’.  I love being in NL’s quirky half hour ahead time zone. I love the way people talk here in St. John’s, NL. I wonder if they think I talk funny too.

But a bigger part of me just misses J like hell. Illogical again, I know, I saw him this morning when he dropped me off at the airport. I miss my cable with its hundreds of channels. I miss Roxy the cat. I miss just walking to the kitchen for a snack or a drink. I miss everything about my life that I couldn’t bring in my suitcase. I guess that’s the moral of this story: Even though I’m incredibly grateful for my job, I now love my life too much to want to get away from it. But it also means that returns home will be that much more sweeter 🙂

Now to wait and see WHEN the return home will actually occur. Originally set to depart Thursday night and land home at 11pm, the weather office is now calling for 40cm of snow here on Thursday, with another 15cm on Friday! Eeek! My boss graciously offered to cancel that last meeting Thursday afternoon he and I were going to, if the assistant back at the office could get us on an earlier flight home in time to beat the storm, at no additional or significant cost to the department. Well the assistant came back saying that my boss could leave earlier no problem, and that his flight wouldn’t cost extra, but that mine would cost an additional $400. Blech. (We fly together to Halifax then I fly home and he flies to Ottawa.) We’ll see I guess, at least I brought an extra pair of underoos 🙂



Here’s a picture of the view from the hotel – So charming!

One thought on “A comfortable bed to be lonely in

  1. I hope you get home soon and safely!

    I used to think travelling for work sounded like so much fun but it really isn’t for me. I like my routines; all my stuff at hand and the company (spouse and pets) at home. 🙂

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