I’m not sure when it started. When I got up at 4am to use the bathroom I saw that it was already snowing hard. It hasn’t stopped snowing hard since. I have no idea how much snow fell down so far…. When I look on theweathernetwork.com all I see is more snow in the forecast for later this week. Where will we put it all? I’ve got to say though, I have plenty of food of both the healthy and junk varieties, good books, good movies and an upgraded internet package. I’m quite liking being snowed in with J and Roxy 🙂


This week was incredibly cold. It was near or over -30C (-22F) and I was in training for three days. I wasn’t about to pay 20$ per day to park closer to the building where our training was, so I parked at my usual spot and walked to the building for two days, and the last day, the coldest day, everyone parked near the training facility and paid because it was THAT cold. I’m so over winter.


Who knew the federal budget process was so complicated? Isn’t it really cool that instead of jotting down all this information, now we can just take a picture of it with our phone’s camera? Most of us in the class did this instead of writing it all down.



1/6th of our team trying to put processes and people associated to these processes in order. Out of the six teams in the room, no one got it 100% right. I learned so much during this course. I’m very grateful that my employer supports my career development by allowing me to take such courses that are not in my personal budget.

It’ll be good to get back to my old routine next week though 🙂



3 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. A good professional development class/course can be such a wonderful thing. A bad one can suck, suck, suck. I’m so glad yours was the former. And holy balls, that’s cold.

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