Last Sunday, after the snow storm, we were to remove our cars out of the parking lot and park on the street, as the norm after a snowstorm, so that they can remove all the snow from the parking lot. My car wouldn’t start. Nothing. Then when you tried to take the key out of the ignition it would start PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEPing. Nothing electronic worked. The key became stuck in the ignition switch. I had to call a towing company to have it towed to a (closed) garage, since it was Sunday. Adios $50. I’m so lucky that J had the money to pay and paid, because I didn’t and couldn’t. This was 3 days before pay day and I was broke.

On Tuesday morning around 8am, the mechanic called with an initial estimate amount to fix my car. $640. He explained in detail the work that he had to do, and said he would call me back with news later. I said okay and hung up. I was almost ready for work. My hair and make up were done, my jewelry was on, and I was in my bra and panties talking to him on the phone. I hung up, I walked in my closet to pick and outfit for the day, and started hyperventilating. I know from experience that it’s so much easier to just cry when holding it in causes a panic attack. I was crying in my closet. J heard, hugged me, and convinced me to call in sick and stay home. 1 – I found it a little ironic that I was staying home on National Mental Health Day, because I had had a crying meltdown. 2 – If only I had known that the final bill would come up to nearly twice that amount…

In the end everything worked out. Well, it’s working out so far and I hope it continues to. My car might very well have more electronic problems pop up again, but I hope they don’t come up soon because I seriously cannot afford it. Because of my amazing boyfriend who paid for my towing and kept reassuring me that it would be okay, because of my friend Sophie who loaned me $500 until mid-March, and because my friend Robyn asked to buy the pair of ankle boots I had loaned her, everything is working out so far.

The silver lining: At least I was able to pay the $1200 car repair bill. A few years ago, a $1200 car bill would have been a lot more devastating. My ex-husband and I were terrible with money like that.

But it still really really effing sucks!! I could have taken a nice all inclusive vacation down south for that price!

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