Kind of in a blogging mood

I haven’t really been in a blogging mood lately, but right now I kind of am, so here are some bullet updates:

* I am currently eating kettle cooked sweet & salty popcorn which I bought in Halifax, NS this week when I was there from Tuesday to Thursday for meetings. 

* During said work trip, I met up with Erin and we had ourselves a grand sushi-fest.

* Erin was on week 2 of a terrible cold, and I managed to not catch it. *knock on wood*

* In fact, for the first time in years and year, I didn’t catch a single cold this year. *knock on wood*

* It’s also the first time in years that I don’t get the flu shot. Coincidence? I usually catch every single thing I come in contact with. I normally catch a cold the minute I get off an airplane. I didn’t.

* I had an appointment with my doctor this week, and after looking at my blood test results, she decided that I need to be back on night time¬†insulin. I don’t get any more last chances. This is it.

* My doctor also congratulated me on my weight loss and great other blood test results, and told me to continue my good work. I feel like being back on insulin is a failure, but maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

* While I was away for work in Halifax, my mom was here in Moncton in the hospital to receive her first chemo treatment. They kept her for 2 days and then let her go home a day early, she seems to be reacting well. Now she gets to recuperate for 21 days before getting another round of chemo.

* Guess what? My taxes are done!! 2012….. and 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2006. I have no idea why 2007 was filed and not 2006, but I’m so happy to have it all done now. I’m getting a $600 refund! I can’t decide what to do with it – apply it to the $700 cat appointment booked for Wednesday, the 350$ car repair bill I just paid, or… apply it against that new laptop I’ve been eyeing. It would be such a treat to have a laptop that doesn’t crash 5 times a day or overheat!

* So guess what happens on May 6? That day will mark the end of the 31 day period during which my ex-husband and I are allowed to change our mind and appeal the divorce ruling. The judge signed our divorce papers on April 5, so I’m unofficially divorced. I will be officially divorced on May 6!