The Last Week of June 2013

The last week of June 2013 – 

Sunday – We went to the beach for the first time of the year! We had so much fun! 

Monday – I don’t remember anything significant happening…Well I did talk to my mom who informed me that she was vacationning on Prince Edward Island with Dad, they were playing golf. She is feeling a lot better. I was worried when I was away for work last week and they kept her overnight at the hospital because her fever was too high. They gave her antibiotics and she’s feeling much better. Hopefully this is just side effects from the chemo treatments and not the disease. (I hate the C word.)

Tuesday – I submitted my application at L’Universite de Moncton! If I am accepted, I will be a part-time student and I’m going to work hard to obtain my Bachelors of Commerce! I’m equally excited and terrified. U de M part time students are allowed up to 8 credits a session, so I calculate that It will take me 7 years to complete my bachelors. 7 years sounds like such a long time… but this allows me to continue working full time at my job that has over the years shaped itself to be the perfect job for me, to have kids if I want to, to buy a house and enjoy it. 7 Years of working very hard, without really putting my life on hold. I’ve wanted to do this for YEARS! You know me… I’m finally in a place mentally and financially to realise this dream, sooo AAAAH!!! 😀

Wednesday – I participated in my very first weekly Yoga session! Besides the fact that I felt amazing after the session; I had a feeling of lightness and airiness in my old achy back, and as soon as I sat at my work desk I realized how different my breathing was. Besides all that, I’m so proud of myself for this! Fate led me to contact my favourite server at my favourite Thai restaurant who had left to pursue her yoga teaching dreams… and my crazy idea of obtaining all the necessary approvals to organize a weekly noon-hour yoga session in our biggest boardroom, and without formally advertising it, registering more than a dozen participants became reality! Steph is the perfect instructor. Her voice is so calming and soothing, she is so beautiful, always smiling, and kindness just radiates from her. Since she left her job at the Thai restaurant, I went from going there 3-4 times a week, to once or twice a month. Sometimes I wonder if it was their food that was so addictive, or Steph’s beautiful aura. The cherry on top of it all, is that since this was my idea, and that I am organizing all this and also organized an 18 person yoga workshop that was part of Steph’s curriculum, I get to do this for free!! Thank you, universe!

Thursday/Today – I decided to quit smoking this weekend. Depending whether the weather allows us to take outdoor family pictures in Bathurst, it will be Friday night if we don’t go, and Monday morning if we do go. (I’m just being realistic and putting all chances on  my side!) I’m ready to do this. All the yoga breathing will be even more beneficial. I won’t have to hide my smoking from my choir friends and other random people any more. I’m hopeful, but I could use some good vibes! 

Then earlier today at work when I was signing something and looked up at the calendar I realized what tomorrow is: 

Friday, June 28, 2013 – Would have been my 10th wedding anniversary. I don’t regret the 8 years I was married, but I also don’t regret that we never reached this milestone. 2 things: 1 – I will always raise my glass in my ex husband’s general assumed direction on June 28th, and wish him well. 2 – I will always seek joyful activities for June 28th, as it’s a great day for me to celebrate my new life,  my happiness. 

Saturday – We are driving up to Bathurst to take family pictures with my family. My mom, my dad, me and Julien, my brother and his girlfriend. The last time the four of us had a real family picture taken, I think I was in the 10th grade. I’m really happy to have a new family picture of us!


Happy Summer Solstice!

I was in Saint John, NB for three days this week for work. Everything went really well, the weather was gorgeous, our hosts graciously took us on a dinner cruise the first night. The hotel was in a great location, I loved walking on the pier during breaks and after meetings. Julien and I are making up for lost time and laughing, kissing, and making love three times as much as usual 🙂 Tonight on our way home after a dinner date at St. Louis Bar & Grill, we saw a double rainbow on the way home, then beautiful pink and purple skies when were in Tim Hortons drive through for coffee.

Life is really beautiful.

I worry about my mother a lot though. When I was in Saint John, she called me one night and asked if I could transfer $200 in her account. When I asked why, she said that she hadn’t had time to go to the bank and transfer money because they were keeping her overnight at the hospital because she had a fever above 100F. They keep chemo patients there when their fevers are above 100. Would she have told me if she hadn’t needed money? I worry that she doesn’t tell me everything. She has also had other symptoms which I hope are just chemo side effects. We were supposed to go up to Bathurst this weekend and walk the Relay for Life with her, me, Julien, my brother and his girlfriend, my mom and my dad. But she wisely decided to just do the survivor walk because she should be resting, not walking outside at 2am.

I three beautiful days off work with the love of my life in front of me. We’re planning to go to the beach, to go for a walk in the forest, go see live bands tomorrow night, and probably go see World War Z at some point.