There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them.

I’ve been wanting to do this for 10 years and I’m finally doing it: I’m going back to University to get my bachelors of Commerce! I start in a week! Holy Shit eh? I’m going to be studying part-time, and I’ll continue working full time. I am super terrified of sucking at this! I haven’t gone to school in 13 years!  I am currently waiting to hear if work will help me cover part of the costs or not. Cross your fingers! I’ve decided that even if they don’t help me out, I’m going to pay for it myself and do this. Even if it means that I’ll have to eat Mr. Noodles for the first month of school when tuition is due. Luckily, even though their policy states that course credits expire after 10 years and that it’s been 16!! years since my first year of university, I was credited an almost full year of (full-time) courses. I’m thrilled about that, because this bachelors is going to take a looong time part-time. There are options available for me to complete this bachelors sooner, like taking a sabbatical year at work for the last year to give it a last push.. but we’ll see when the time comes. For now, I’m taking courses during the evening and online. I’ve been asked what I hope to achieve with this bachelors degree in hand. With this degree, I will qualify for a lot of advancement opportunities at work. By the time I actually complete this, hopefully there will be an upswing by then and I hope that opportunities are abundant. I wish I had started this process sooner in my life, but I don’t think that it’s too late. By starting now, I should be done at age 40. I’ll still have a good 25 years before retirement!

This weekend I’ve re-arranged the living room furniture in every possible combination at least once. It was a workout! The reason I needed more room was to fit in my new little computer desk and chair that I purchased with birthday money. My parents gave me 100$ to buy a new bed comforter set that I wanted, but I’ve decided to instead buy a computer desk so I could set up with my laptop and 2nd screen, a nice little study area where I can do my online classes and homework. The best part of the desk? My handsome boyfriend is in the middle of building/assembling it for me! No guy has ever done that for me. *Swoon* I built my chair, and of course there were three screws missing from the package. I built everything except attach the arms, and I might just leave it armless. It will take less room that way. The arms aren’t adjustable so I don’t think I’d use them much at their current (low) height.

As I was re-arranging the living room furniture drenched in sweat yesterday, I realized that I’ve never in my life lived in a one bedroom apartment before. It has its challenges, but it’s good for our budget, and really why I can afford to go back to school right now. It also forces us to make sure we don’t consume too much, because we’ll have no place to store stuff. At my old house I had a basement FULL of stuff, a spare bedroom FULL of stuff, four closets FULL of stuff.. why all the stuff? Earlier this month at a bachelorette party, we were having a discussion about budgets/spending, and when one of the girls said: “It doesn’t matter if I spend a thousand dollars on a shopping spree, a month or two after, I’ll still want new things! I need new things!”  I don’t know if it’s a bad thing, but I also came to realize that I need new things. But the good thing is, I now realize that I can buy one new thing, and enjoy the fuck out of that new one thing before buying another new thing. Wow, who would have thunk?

Oh, also I had my tarot cards read. It began like this:

The first 2 cards are really about you – the energies that surround you and what helps or hurts you.  To start you have The Wheel of Fortune, which I think is such a fun card.  It’s all about life cycles and changing fortune.  It’s about good luck and overall turning points in your life.  So, this says that changes are happening all around you.  Embrace them because these changes bring you what you want!  The Queen of Wands is helping you with these changes.  She is energetic and creative.  She is dedicated to her commitments and nothing gets her down.  Take those characteristics with you when you approach these changes and you will truly get the most out of them!

I hope this means that this education goal will work out!


In a week I turn 34

The reason that I turn 34 years old in exactly one week doesn’t freak me out as much as I thought it would, is that I’ve been thinking I was already 34 since January, for some reason. So I’m thinking: Yes! I’m only 34!

I haven’t blogged in over a month! I’ve been busy enjoying summer, and also rehearsing for the three shows of Trial by Jury we just did this weekend. All three shows were sold out, and fun was had by all. You’re probably seen my goth costume pictures on Facebook. Other than that, work has been busy. I’ve also been organizing and participating in Yoga sessions at work. I can barely hold my third downward dog as long as I need to, but I’m already falling in love with yoga. I have an overwhelming feeling that I am supposed to do this for my body. This summer, instead of taking off a week or two of vacation, I decided to take every Monday off. I am LOVING this! I’m fully enjoying my weekends, and feel more focussed the four days that I am at work.

J and I have been busy going to the beach, going to see live music, his band’s gigs, two last minute trips which ended up being awesome: Rush in Halifax, and Kiss in Saint John. We had amazing seats for Kiss, you probably saw the pictures on Facebook. I still can’t believe it! All the confetti during the last song reminded me of being in Times Square on New Years Eve! A couple of days after the concert, I received an unexpected amount of money that covered the cost of the tickets. It was so meant to be! We also had a great mini-vacation when we went to see Rush in Halifax. We got in a harbour hopper tour and a nature watch boat tour. The weather was great, and vacations with my love are the best. We always have such a good time.

I suspect that my girlfriends have been busy too, because I haven’t heard much from them either and see activity pictures on Facebook, but I really haven’t been in touch much this summer. I’m looking forward to stocking up on wine and Skinny Girl cocktails and reconnecting in the fall. This Friday is Holly’s bachelorette party, I’m looking forward to that! Saturday J’s band has a gig in Saint John… see why I’m really enjoying having Mondays off? hehe.

The one area where I could use some positive vibes: My mom is coming to town the day before my birthday, Tuesday, for another chemo treatment and the scan/MRI results from last time. I hope it’s good news.