I often think about blogging, because I like writing for pleasure. I’ve realized that it’s easier to blog when you have a lot of turmoil going on in your life! Things aren’t easy, I’m exhausted, I need a real, proper vacation, all that, but my life is pretty good at the moment!

Julien and I are saving up to go on vacation this winter. We’re leaning towards a cruise. We’re trying to follow our budgets very tightly so that we can do this. We have never been outside of the country together, I just know that we’re going to have so much fun! Does anyone have a good travel agent to recommend, one that will do most if not all of the planning online and via email?

Work has been insanely busy. I’ve been doing a lot of overtime. I’m constantly feeling swamped and not on top of things. University has been a lot more work than I was anticipating. My least favourite things are group projects. I hate having to rely on other people for MY grade. I’m trying to work on it. Overall, I LOVE university and I’m proud of myself for doing this.

My mom finished her last chemo treatment, I think that she’s waiting on scan results for an update. My brother still seems happy in love. I’m starting to look forward to Christmas with my family 🙂

I’m considering stepping down/quitting something big in my life. Black cloud over my head. The drama sucks the enjoyment out of it. I am very conflicted about it… Sorry for the vagueness. The handful of you who read this probably already know what I’m talking about.

Other than that, I can’t stop looking at black diamond engagement rings online. Even though all of my girlfriends say they prefer white diamonds, I think I might go for what I like even if it’s not the norm, and keep sending Julien links to black diamonds that I like 🙂


5 thoughts on “I haven’t blogged in over a month

  1. Definitely go for the ring you like, not the ones your girlfriends like… you’re the one who has to wear it! 😀 I love the black diamonds, personally, even if I don’t have one! LOL

  2. While they’re not something I would want personally I think the links to the rings you like that you’ve sent me are super pretty! Definitely go with what you like, not what everyone else likes!

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