These Days

I miss blogging. I’ve been asking myself if I miss this blog, or if I miss blogging, or both. A blog is such a good place to sort your thoughts out. Sometimes, blogging is like exhaling deeply and laying it all out there; It makes you lighter. Sometimes I like writing down memorable life moments in here. I haven’t taken much time to write or read recreationally in months. Right now, I am typing this with my arms fully extended over my huge Marketing book and notes, to reach my laptop, which is supposed to be pushed at the back of my desk for exactly the reason it seems it is: I’m supposed to be studying for my Marketing exam. Isn’t it funny how today although I have managed to pack quite a bite in my brain as I was determined to, I also was irresistibly inclined to send a tweet, share a video of an adorable kid on Facebook, and now here I am on this blog. Ok, I promise to myself to get back to studying after this one blog post about what’s going on in my life these days.

I’m doing yoga at least twice a week now. Those two times are the scheduled yoga at work in the boardroom during our lunch hour which I’m still enjoying organizing and partaking in. Sometimes I practice at home too, although I always struggle with making the time for yoga, or other ‘good for me’ activities.

I still work full time and go to university part-time. I have an exam this week on Thursday. I have a big deadline at work on Friday. I have choir on Monday. I have to schedule a meeting with someone to discuss the fact that two persons stepped down as directors on the board of a community organization for which I am the president. Despite my valiant efforts including the hosting of a fantastic fondue night, which wasn’t very cheap to prepare. Personality conflicts – what do YOU do? Acknowledge or ignore? I have to work overtime today to catch up for my deadline and study. There might not be time left for zombies tonight. *Sigh* There it is, the exhalation.

In 18 days, we will be flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to embark on the Carnival Valor for a 7 night cruise in the Caribbean. We are going to: St. Kitts, St. Thomas, St. Marteen, St. Lucia, and Barbados. I have been waiting for this vacation for SO long, that seeing the day count going down on my cruise app is exciting and scary at the same time. I can’t explain it – Although I can’t wait to be on that vacation, I don’t want the happy anticipation for it to end! We still have to choose our excursions for said ports! Any recommendations? Any general recommendations? It’s J’s first cruise, and it’s my first time on Carnival!

My parents and brother and his girlfriend just came back from a 2 week vacation in Florida. I wish we could have joined them, but J and I can’t possibly take 2 weeks off in a row that time of year, and we are really looking forward to our romantic vacation, just the two of us. My brother and his girlfriend got engaged at Disney World!

My guilty TV pleasure these days? House of cards. I’ve been allowing myself 1 episode per night on work/school nights, and we just finished season 1 last night. I can’t get enough!

My favourite food these days? The Bun Kho from my favouite Thai place near the office. Delicious.

Also, I’ve officially become a cat person, I think. Most of the time, I think that she has to be the most amazing cat on the planet. The rest of the time, she’s biting me when she’s had too much stimulation, she runs full tilt with the goal of slamming into my moving feet while I am walking, and she just generally runs everywhere like a maniac, in spurts.

Well, I should really get back to memorizing the psychological, social, cultural, and situational factors influencing the consumer’s decision making process, along with the other 9.5 pages of quick study notes, which are poking my arms with their sharp, stapled, bent-from-use corners, as if to remind me to get back to it.