My little peanut shaped secret!

Pregnancy brain started early. I had completely forgotten that the cleaners were coming on that day, so the cleaning lady who saw my “3 weeks +” positive digital pregnancy test on the counter found out that we are expecting before our parents did! hehe You can read the end of the previous post and put 2 and 2 together, but really we were not trying. But we were not preventing. I can’t believe it happened this fast! I’m ecstatic, even though the timing could have been so much better. I’m currently working 2 positions at work, and going to university part-time, and we’ll have to cancel that pre-booked March 2015 cruise with the unrefundable deposit. But it’s worth it. I’m praying that even though I’m high risk, that I deliver a healthy baby in 7 months.

This is still a secret. I’m trying to not tell the world until 12 weeks, but it’s hard! So nothing on Facebook, please!

peanut ultrasound