So, I’ve been stressed. I am finally past the critical 12 week mark, but it’s important for me to not stress myself out, so that I can control my diabetes, my anxiety, my IBS and everything else. With being responsible for 2 positions at work, other work stuff that I’m having a really hard time with, my high risk pregnancy, university, and last but not least, my mom receiving her biposy results, which is the worst option possible – The mass on her liver is a 2nd cancer. Tomorrow she’s going for tests to determine if there are more tumors in her stomach, intestines, etc. Fingers crossed.

When I told my doctor that the reason I have having a hard time controling my blood sugars is because of all this, and started crying in his office, he wrote me a note for a 2 week medical leave from work. On one hand, I feel guilty, on the other hand, I’ve wanted to be a mother for so long, and this might be my only shot… I have to put my health first. Right?