I’ve started feeling the baby move more consistently this week, and it’s kind of amazing. I have an anterior placenta which was preventing me from feeling baby’s movements earlier. The crib is assembled and in baby’s yellow nursery. The dresser and changing table will be delivered Monday. Then, I’ll put the jungle animal decals and the nursery will start to take shape!

We’re going back to The Keg on Valentine’s day, and I’m going to eat the exact same thing I did on New Year’s Eve! I can’t wait! Then it must be love – he’s bringing me to see Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m trying to be more mindful of calories in lately though, because I’m gaining way too much weight way too fast. I have started prenatal yoga at the school of youtube last week, but I think I need to schedule it because I haven’t done it enough.

I have the most awesome fiance I could ever dream of. He has been to every single one of my doctors appointments, and there have been many, many, weekly or bi-weekly since week 6. He has gone to the store at 11pm to buy me a fruit tray. He bakes brownies, he shovels the insane amounts of snow, he comforts me when I cry because I’ve dropped my 2nd large decaf coffee on the ground, he tells me I’m beautiful even though I’m rounder, zittier, and hairier. Next month I finally get to be married to him, and my heart melts in anticipation.

There is bad stuff. My mother, her cancer, money… but life can’t be too perfect, I guess, and I’d rather write about the good stuff. That’s what I want to remember down the road when I re-read this.

One thought on “Good Things This Winter.

  1. It’s so neat when you feel the baby move. I’m glad J is so good to you, Nancy. You deserve that.

    Hugs to you on your mom and the cancer stuff. Much love to you.

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