It was just me and my husband, slow dancing in the room that was filled with our closest friends and family just a few minutes before, dancing our private first dance as a married couple. Nothing Else Matters has always kind of been our song. At first we held each other tight, my cheek pressed hard against his. My husband smells so good. When he pulled away to look into my eyes, they were filled to the brim with tears of so much happiness and gratefulness.

As exhausted as I was, it took me hours to finally fall asleep last night because I was literally too happy to sleep. I kept thinking about my beautiful wedding day, my amazing in laws, the big open room in our basement all decked out in black and white, flickering with candlelight, my father walking me down the ‘aisle’ towards my handsome groom, Ingrid Michaelson’s I can’t help falling in love, echoing the truth. As I laid there, smiling too much to fall asleep, I looked at my husband sleeping next to me, and I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. This beautiful season in my life? It makes me feel like everything, every struggle, every very bad past season of my life, has been worth it. I’m so glad I never gave up on being happy.

Although the last few minutes seemed to drag by, because of 7.5 months pregnant induced exhaustion and also because of introvertedness induced exhaustion, our wedding day few by so quick. We slept in until 10:30am, his mom and I ate McDonald’s together in the kitchen while getting our hair and make-up done, my mom showed up to get her make-up done too while I was getting my hair done. I completely forgot to paint my nails pink to match my bouquet, but it didn’t matter in the end because my fingers were so swollen that my wedding band only went up to my knuckle. I also somehow forgot to have pictures taken of me and my bridesmaids, that’s how fast everything felt! Our officiant gave us exactly what we asked for by taking his shortest ceremony and shortening it even more. The entire ceremony, including the very cute 3 year old flower girl bringing her basket of petals to the front, without quite gasping the concept of throwing them, which increased the cuteness factor, lasted probably 5 minutes. Maybe it was 3 minutes. I should ask someone who wasn’t as ‘in the moment’. It was perfect for us.

We had three tables of close friends and family: Julien and I, our parents, and my brother and his fiancée, the band, and my friends. Oh and a last minute kids table. People seemed to love the hodge podge of food served buffet style. Our parents were having a good time and they loved the ‘all generations’ playlist we had put together for the wedding so much that they requested we burn a CD of it for them. I can’t wait to see pictures! Here’s the only picture we have, an after private first dance selfie:


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