The Oxygen Mask

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, for some prescription refills. My doctor gave me the whole oxygen mask analogy story blah blah blah. She told me that I look exhausted, and she layed it on thick. My blood sugars are out of control and my blood pressure is too high. She ended by saying “It’s not just you now. Who’s going to take care of your son if you’re hospitalized?” Geeze. Hospitalized. She didn’t break me down, I didn’t cry. But she’s right. Right now I have a 2 month break from university, and I should really make my health a priority.

I need to make sleep a priority, add regular yoga into my life and other forms of exercise, to stop eating so much take out food, and most importantly, I need go eat at regular times and remember to take my insulin every time. I need to take the time to spend time in nature, I need to cook more, and I need to vacuum more. That last one has nothing to do with my health, but I really do need to vacuum more.

I’ve asked for more help recently, and I’ve gotten it. I’ve started nightly meditation. I’ve read a lot of self help books. We’ve hired a babysitter for the first time in ages and went on a date. We went on a few dates recently in fact, thanks to┬ámy wonderful in laws. It’s a good start, but let’s see how much I can improve in the next month.