Adding a blog post used to be so simple, before I started censuring myself for various reasons. Blogging was also a lot easier when I wasn’t embarrassed by my most frequent stream of consciousness blog posts. So I end up never taking the time to sit down and enjoy writing a blog post. For someone who is a huge critic of the glorification of business, I sure am way too fucking busy! But it’s all worth it. I just know it is.

So here I am, WordPress open, okay with a stream of consciousness. Because I need to write again. I miss writing terribly, but I spend my days having to be meticulous at work and at university and when doing light translation on the side now (my new thing), that I hardly want to think about what is flowing out from my mind to my keyboard during my way too small windows of me time.

I’ve got about 60% of my Bcomm completed. It feels like I’ve been doing this forever. I can’t wait to have this sucker under my belt. I’ve applied for 6 jobs last weekend, all in the same department where I am now. I have my final stats exam on Sunday, and if I can pass that damn exam, I’ll never have to do a math course ever again. In the foreseeable future. Hopefully never again.

I got a magical lunch box on amazon the other day. Only my favourite colour combo was on sale – black and pink. I had never seen such a lunch box in my life, its distinct features being an upright zipper and 6 little measured containers for healthy, non-tipped over lunches. There’s also a shake bottle holder. It’s easy to carry. I love it. The day after I ordered it on Amazon, I was in the washroom in my faculty, and saw a girl with the exact same lunch box in the very same colour combo. Weird. I call it my magical lunch box because ever since I’ve had it, I’ve prepared healthy lunches and have eaten them every single work day exept Tuesday, when I had to sit through a catered lunch meeting. Oh did I eat bread at that meeting, you think? My heart beats a little faster when I see a beautifully arranged tray of assorted sandwiches, on assorted handmade breads. I ate six mini sandwiches, and I gained 4 pounds. Stupid scale. I  didn’t let it discourage me. My magical lunch box worked its magic again today. I had a post-university course car lunch date with my husband. We both ate our bagged lunch, and we listened to the latest Good job brain! podcast.

I got a garmin watch last week, and damn if I wasn’t walking up and down my driveway tonight, trying to get all of my steps in to reach my daily goal. Sitting in class on Wednesday mornings for 3 hours is HARD! I really should walk more on a daily basis though. To reach my daily goals, I have had to pace in my family room every night to reach my goal.

Well, we said that we were going up for bed at 11:15 and it’s 11:12. So…. bye! 🙂

One thought on “Adding a blog post

  1. I love reading your posts! You should post more often. 😉

    I was obsessed with step counts when I first got the Fitbit but then the novelty wore off. Lately I’ve been consistently hitting my goal of 10K so I guess something’s working. My friend’s step counter reminds her at 10 minutes before every hour to get in some steps.

    Yay on the magic lunch box!

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