I was 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I had been followed very closely since the beginning because of my health issues. (Diabetes, PCOS, hypothyroid, past blood clot, etc.) I was now at the point where I was going for blood tests before every round of appointments, and they had the results while I was hooked up to my weekly fetal non-stress test (monitors baby’s heartbeat, movements and possible contractions). January 3, however, I was not prepared to be admitted at all. I didn’t think it was even a possibility. I was just going to a routine growth monitoring ultrasound at the high risk clinic at the other hospital. I wasn’t even going to my hospital! At my appointment, they said that baby looked fine, but that I looked like my eyes were swollen and they were going to take my blood pressure. It was really high. They told me to go sit in the waiting room, that they were going to call my hospital and my doctors and have a chat. That if it was up to them I would be admitted right away. They told me to sit there and in 10 minutes, they would re-take my blood pressure. Of course 10 minutes later it was even more through the roof. They told us to go to my hospital right away, we did, and Melody was born that night.


My ultrasound appointment was at 1:45pm. It was now 5pm and I was lying on the bed, in a hospital gown, being poked and tested… and in those moments in between nurses coming in the room to take my blood pressure, swab my butthole, shave my hoohah, or start another fetal non-stress test, I kept panicking about the things that hadn’t been done before I had this baby. “OH NO! The dishes from lunch are all over the counters and sink. And they are covered in CHEESE!” “OH NO! I didn’t finish laundry!!” Julien kept laughing and reassuring me that none of that mattered. At around 6pm, we were told that the baby would 100%, definitely be born tonight or tomorrow. I was freaking out so much, and Julien was trying to convince me that this was better than having to wait for days at the hospital like the last time.. the anticipation and not knowing was so hard. At least the waiting part and worrying part would be over soon. He was right. Melody was born at 8:52pm that night, January 3, 2018.


Because of my health issues, I was not given other options than a repeat c-section. I was hoping for it to not be an emergency csection this time, but I guess my babies take after me maybe, and don’t like waiting. The actual birth was much harder and more painful this time. It’s like she was stuck inside of me. I had 2 doctors pulling on her, and one nurse pushing on her from the top, and they still had to use forceps. While they were pulling and pushing inside of me like that, and I was trying to breathe and stay calm, Julien looked at me and told me how tough I am. Like the last time, I had to go to the ICU for 24 hours after my csection, because they gave me magnesium sulfate again. (Risk of seizures is a side effect.) But unlike the last time, Melody didn’t have to go to the NICU. I was allowed to hold her in the recovery room for 2 hours before going to the ICU, and that time was magical.


The recovery, however, so far is going soooo much better than last time. I am 10 days post-partum today, I no longer have a vac dressing, my wound is healing well so far *knock on wood!*, and I am 20lbs down from my pre-pregnancy weight. (I was eating a strict ketogenic diet while pregnant, on the advice of my diabetes specialist (and still am), and wasn’t losing weight while pregnant, but I must have been swelled up. (Julien lost 40lbs doing this diet with me during the pregnancy.)


Baby Melody is doing great. She loves to sleep all day and part all night! Julien and I have figured out sleeping shifts and are figuring this family of four thing out as we go. Brother Jerome is doing good, giggles with delight after giving sister Melody a kiss, but is pretty bummed out that maman can’t pick him up for 6 weeks. It really sucks at bedtime because in our normal bedtime routine, I’m the one who picks him up and holds him while we do kisses and goodnights. I’m sure that 6 weeks will be here before we know it though, and hopefully we’ll be pros by then hehe. PS – I have to continue taking my blood thinner shots twice a day for 6 weeks, and they wrote the end date : February 14. Seeing my husband being such an amazing father is making me very much look forward to the other thing I’ll be allowed to do on valentine’s day!! 😀

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