I often ask myself if I really want to keep writing blog posts, or just continue doing micro blog posts aka social media posts. Sometimes, the urge to write, to purge my thoughts is strong. Sometimes, the thought of organizing my thoughts to do so is too overwhelming. Since my last blog post, Melody has grown a bit and still has a very full head of hair. She will be 3 months old in a weekish. I’m now down 40 pounds since pre-pregnancy weight. I feel pretty fucking amazing. My husband is down 50 pounds. 90 pounds between the two of us so far. That’s really, really wild to me. I am 104 pounds less than my highest non-pregnant weight and 80 pounds less than when I graduated high school. I joined a real yoga studio. I bought a one month unlimited pass for new yogis. Tonight, I tried yin yoga for the first time. I discovered that I can’t do Rock pose. Oh yeah, I also fit in freaking size 18 jeans! I didn’t buy them, they were way too muffin toppy.


Tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? I can’t! Three years! Seven years together, two beautiful kids and one fat cat. Life is so wild. I’ve been seeing my psychologist for one year now. Just as I was wondering if it was worth all of the money, two weeks ago she told me that she thinks I have ADD. She loaned me this book to read and wow. It all makes so much sense now.

Maybe if once in a while I don’t force myself to organize my thoughts, maybe I will write blog posts more. Writing has always been pretty therapeutic.

2 thoughts on “I’ll think of a title later, because I want it to be a good one, but I’ll probably forget.

  1. I, for one, love seeing notifications that you’ve got a new blog post! I still write on mine once or twice a year but at this point it’s mostly for me. 😉

    Congrats on the weight loss! You look amazing and I can imagine what a feeling of accomplishment it is, especially given the craziness and recovery after giving birth!

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